2024 Emergency Planning Calendar Photo Contest

Work has begun on next year's 2024 Emergency Planning Calendar and we are hoping you can help!  This calendar is one of the ways we meet our federal requirements for distributing emergency information to communities around the Diablo Canyon Power Plant.

We are looking for striking images highlighting the scenic diversity of San Luis Obispo County. Selected images
will be published in the 2024 Emergency Planning Calendar.  More than 100,000 calendars will be distributed around the county.

Entry Guidelines

  1. We welcome two entries per person.  Please submit each entry separately.  
  2. Only horizontal scenic photos of San Luis Obispo County will be accepted.
  3. Please do not include any portrait or pet photos, or those of recognizable people.
  4. Unrealistically enhanced photographs are not recommended.
  5. Entrant guarantees that the photo submitted is his/her personal creation.
  6. All photos submitted must be named with photographer’s first initial and last name (example - w.smith.jpg, e.garcia.tif, m.williams.eps)
  7. To ensure eligibility for the contest, all entries must be photographed using an 8-megapixel camera, or greater, set at the highest resolution (a minimum of 3266 x 2540 pixels or 10.89” x 8.17”)
  8. File formats accepted are .PSD, .JPG, .TIF, or .EPS and must be submitted electronically using the form submission below.
  9. Max upload size is 50 MB.
  10. Please direct questions to oes@co.slo.ca.us

Submit Photo 

Deadline for Photo Submission

June 23, 2023

A list of the winning photographers will be posted on this website in October. Photographers will not be notified.
Selected photographs become the property of sponsoring agencies.

Authorized Use Notice

By submitting the entry form, you agree to the guidelines that have been established for this photo contest. You also warrant that the submission is your own original work and agree that Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP) and the County of San Luis Obispo can use your submission for the purpose of printing the 2024 Emergency Planning Calendar or other purposes per the discretion of the sponsoring agency. By submitting the entry form, you waive and release any and all claims and rights against DCPP and the County of San Luis Obispo and you indemnify and hold DCPP and the County of San Luis Obispo harmless from all actions, costs, liabilities, losses or damages arising out of your submission used by the DCPP and the County of San Luis Obispo, including those alleged or asserted by a third party to be unauthorized.