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AG Levee Community Meeting slides - English

AG Levee Community Meeting slides - Spanish 

Overview of the Dams and Levees in the Area

Emergency plans for dams and levees in San Luis Obispo County address Lopez, Righetti, Salinas, San Antonio, Terminal, Twitchell, Whale Rock, Nacimiento, the Arroyo Grande Creek levee, and the Santa Maria River levee.

Lopez Lake

Hazards Resulting from Dam or Levee Failure

The effects of a dam or levee failure and resulting flooding can range from minimal damage to heavy damage with injuries and possible fatalities. These potential effects could result in extensive and relatively long term recovery efforts. Some indirect effects could include:

  • Injuries
  • Hospital disruptions
  • School disruptions
  • Hazardous material releases
  • Fires
  • Need for short term or longer evacuations
  • Utility disruptions (including gas, electric, water, and sanitation)
  • State highway disruptions
  • County road disruptions
  • Traffic management problems
  • Communication disruptions
  • Need for emergency public information
  • Need to assist displaced residents
  • Need for building inspections
  • Disease and health hazards

Before a Dam Failure

Make a Plan

  • Create a family emergency plan
  • Identify an evacuation route and safe location.
  • Know how you will communicate in an emergency.

Build a Disaster Supply Kit

  • Use this supply list to create your kit.
  • Keep identification, insurance cards, and contact phone numbers in a “Grab and Go” bag.
  • Store your kit in a convenient location and make sure all family members know where it is.

Protect your Home

  • Identify hazards such as unsecured televisions, bookcases, furniture, and water heaters.
  • Determine if you live downstream from a dam or in the inundation area for a levee break.
  • Identify if your home is in a flood zone.
    • Know the types of flood risk for your area. Visit the FEMA Flood Map Service Center for more information.
    • Find out if you have flood insurance.
      • Most homeowner’s insurance policies do not protect against flood loss. For information on flood insurance, call your location insurance agent. The National Flood Insurance Program provides helpful flood insurance information
  • Protect your property. Clean gutters and drains. Move valuables to higher levels.
  • Sandbags can protect your home against major damage. They cannot keep water completely out of your home.
    • Sandbags are for sale at locations around the county.  
    • Residents can then fill their sandbags at the following locations.  You will need to bring your own sandbags and shovel.

During a Dam Failure

  • Get to higher ground
  • Shut off the gas if you smell or hear a gas leak.
  • Check on your neighbors and help those in need.
  • Do not drive or walk through fast-moving water or flooded areas.
  • Do not drive around barricades. Roads and bridges may have washed out.
  • Listen to Public Alert and Notification systems and media for emergency information.

After a Dam Failure

  • Pay attention to authorities and weather forecasts for information on whether it is safe to go outside or return home and instructions regarding any potential flash flooding.
  • Watch for fallen power lines and trees. Report them immediately.
  • Take pictures of the damage to your property and home.
  • Contact your insurance agent right away to begin your claim.
  • Wear heavy gloves and thick boots during clean up.
  • Do not touch electrical equipment if it is wet or you are in standing water.
  • Avoid standing in flood waters. There can be dangerous debris and contamination.


Lopez Dam Flooding & Evacuation Brochure

AG Creek Flooding & Evacuation Brochure (Spanish)

San Luis Obispo Flood Control and Water Conservation District